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               This Eagle and the 2 large Pheasants with 8 foot wing spans were stolen from the Marne IA exits. The 2 large Pheasants were on the south side of the interstate and the Eagle on the north side. If anyone has information about who stole these or where they are, please contact me at the link above. Any information would be greatly appreciated!




    These are the two pheasant wing options, Original wing and Realistic Wing.

                                                        Please specify when ordering. Thank you, ~Arnie                                                       




Child's Book Cover


Eagle w/ Leaf Border & Eagle w/ Leaf Border Close-up





Bike for Water Fountain


Gun Owner






Massey 44












Wood Duck


Hawkeye & Eagle


Second Amendment - 1 & Second Amendment - 2


Tree Topper


Wood Splitter - Axe & Wood Splitter - Rifle & Wood Splitter - Saw


Blue Heron & Heron and Frog & Cross


Outdoor Bass & Indoor Walleye



Iowa Firefighters Association



Corn Stalks & Detail of Corn Stalks



Eagle & Detail of Eagle




Terraced Fields & Clock & More Clocks



Sign - Cat & Sign - Cat Close-up



Army Parachutist Badge & Combat Infantryman Badge



Oliver 88 Row Crop Mailbox



Bur Oak Branch & Bull Elk



Lily - detail & Keast Lily Sign



Flying Heart



New Pheasant & New Pheasant Closer


Fish Sign

Air Force Maintenance Badge

Bald Eagle


Pheasant Sculpture & Pheasant Mailbox








Air Force K-9 Handler Badge



Gilligan's Island Boat & Gilligan's Island Large Boat


Military Badge


God Bless America Eagle & 3D Bald Eagle




Palmtree & 3D Corn Stalks



Combat Infantry Badge & Henry Rifle Sign



Wine Glass Firepit & Pheasant Picture



Hawkeye Sign & Berghorst Sign



Praise God sign & Angel/Heart Picture



New Eagles



                                                                       New Sign for Geneva Welding Company


Beautiful Studebaker     








King Salmon - Click on this to see amazing details



Bi Plane! Please enlarge so you can see the amazing details!




This is Pheasant #1,000!!!

It has found a beautiful home in Missouri, free of charge.


Rooster on steroids!



    Pentecost sculpture    Heat treated modern art



Eagle                   Sunflower               Cross


Downspout water catcher!


Big Moose


Brown Trout mailbox.

Be the envy of everyone around with a custom unique mailbox.

We have done them with pheasant hunters, trout, you name it and I can custom build one for you!



"Farm Scene"

Please click and enlarge to see the beautiful details of this piece



Spring is almost here and the Behrends water skiing family is ready!



With great pride for my daughter Nikki. These are her Military Badges

Congratulations and thank you for your continued service


Martini glass weather vane



Woodcock in flight and standing


Jamie's Groom Room



Unconditional Love



Copy of Military EOD Badge for a deserving client


Balancing Golfer


Bull and Cow Moose





Indoor Pheasant - Please enlarge to see incredible color and detail






Giant Pheasant Sculpture





Exact replica of house and happy couple


Cross and Hearts


Full Dimension, Bald Eagle catching a meal

(Another piece of art that demands full view)

This is a 5 ft tall stainless steel angel, no small thumbnail for this beautiful work of art!



                                                       ***   Indoor Flying Pheasants   ***    Eagle and Lady Liberty



Cornstalk - click the picture on the right to see great detail



Horned Owl




Family Tree

Enlarge the Family Tree picture and see if you can find the hidden word



"Fantasy Fish" Scene           Roosters           


Congratulations Roger and Anita! 45 YEARS !!



Mother Owl and babies



Detailed Bald Eagle Head                 Eagle Head and Flag


Wine bottle napkin holder for my daughter Nikki



Coonhound working successfully !!


New Eagle Statue with a detailed inset of Lady Liberty


                                                                     50th Wedding Anniversary Gift                                                       

                                          Congratulations Ray and Karen !!! Married 11/12/61


                                                                           Roanoak Welcome Sign         



                                                      Lab and Pheasant Mailbox        Get Lucky!                                            



                                                                  Welcome Sign                   



 New Mallard Mailbox for a customer, enjoy!


                                         Framed Metal Flower, click to enlarge and find the hidden worm                               



                                                                                 Duck Hunter Mailbox


                                            Giant Flowers                 Flying Steer    Graduating Gift for Drafting Student          



                                                Bike Rider                Dancer Mobile         Cross for Methodist Church             



                                                                               Life Flight Helicopters



                                                                                    Banty Rooster



                                                                                 Memorial Cross



                                                                             Firefighter Helmet Badge



                                              Red-Tailed Hawk - click to enlarge each picture for great details                       



                                                        New custom plant stands -  get your orders in quick                           



                                            Beautifully framed, indoor pheasant..the colors are amazing

                                    * please click on the pictures to see the amazing detail work and color*



                                                                                 "Moon Dance"                                                                 



                                                           This is a new wild turkey design  



                                                           Eagle and Flag                              Walleye 



                                                       Cactus Sculpture              Custom Radio Flyer for grandsons


                                           New Mallard Mailbox               Pug              New Mallard Sculpture



                                                         Missing Parts Girls                              Wall Sculpture for Therapy Office



                                                                                   Tasmanian Devil



                                                                                  Gravely Country!!



                                                                             Table top dolphin sculpture



                                                                             Outdoor standing Pheasants



                                                                                     Rooster and Hen



                                                                         Garden Dandelion -    18" Ants



                                                                 Hammer shaped and heat treated for color.




                                                           Framed Eagle... Click on picture for amazing detail

 I want to take time and show you the detail of what goes into my art. Below I show 13 steps of making this eagle sculpture, I hope you enjoy!  ~Arnie                                                                                                                                                          







                                                                              German Short Hair Memorial



                                                                            Stainless Steel Dolphin Sculpture



                                                                            **********  Playful Sea   **********



                                                                                                Modern Art



                                                                                       New Moose Sculpture 



                                                                             Customer Sign            Amazing Panda Bears



                                                                              Beautiful Flushing Labs for a customer


                                                                         "Girl Missing Parts"        Antler Clock                       


                                   Customer Coffee Table      Miniature Dachshund                  Insanity Creations  



                                                                    Custom Eagle and Flag flown over Iraq Mission



                                                                            Custom Hors-D'ouevre serving set


                                                                                          Corinthian Capital



                                                                                         Shotgun Weather-vane



                                                                                         ~~ Cartoon Cows ~~

                                                                                   (Aren't these just the cutest?)



                                                                                         3D turbine and crane



                                                                                       Flying Geese and family



                                                                      Calla Lily Candle Holders        Soffit piece for mower shop


                                                                  Cross for Marne Church   New Style Pheasant wing         



                                                                         New Dandelion & Dragonfly Sculpture



                                                                                  Fantasy Fish Wall Hanging



                                                                                     Moose in the wilderness



                                                                                  Dragonfly for daughter Nikki



                                                                                  New Table-top Quail sculpture



                                                                    New Dancing Ladies     10 Min. of Insanity!



                                                                                ** Great Horned Owl **

                                      you can't see the details close enough, but the white specs in his eyes are actually

                                                         painted mice to show the reflection of his soon-to-be lunch



                                 If you have traveled Interstate 80 lately, you have surely noticed all the wind turbines. 

                              These are replications of the last one going up near Adair, Iowa made for a crew member.



                                                                           * New Eagle and Flag design*



                                                                                 New-style Pheasant



                                                                                   Dragonfly Bench 


                                                                            New Custom Cross for Church






                     Air Force Emblems in honor of the service my son DJ and Daughter Nikki contribute to our country.

                                                               God Bless you - We miss and love you!!



                                                               Interior Arabian Horse wall hangings



                                                   ******  Arnie and the Arabian Horses, Studs...   ******



                                                                                ** Brown Trout**



                                                              English Setter             New wing design on pheasant



                                                For Quails Unlimited Banquet     New Eagle with amazing color



                                        German Wirehair Pointer - "Dakota"                 Indian 




                                                   Dolphins              Cross and Dove statue    Pheasant Weather Vane



                                         "Blue Bottle" Tree                 Drive Archway for Danish Countryside Vines & Wines



                                     New Lab and Pheasant Mailbox                          New Pheasant Designs



This is a custom 8x8 sign for the Walnut School.. Go Warriors!

Click the picture for a great detailed shot....



**** These are new 3 D versions of Wild Turkeys ****



Life size, 3-D Raccoons



       First through Fourth Place Trophies for the

                         2008 Amateur English Springer Spaniel Field Trials to be held in Ohio


                         These are the First through Fourth Place Trophies. Click on these for more details.




                              This was a custom sign for over a Shop Door             1967 Triumph  Over 4 foot long!



                                              The color in this Cardinal is Amazing!!                    This was sent from the Pheasants new home.



                                 Giant Mantis attacks Mustang!           Giraffe              Custom Piece for South Place



                       Click to enlarge this!      Custom Life Size Fishing Fly      This is a custom wine and snack center



                                              This is a new Light House design. Please click on the pictures to see the details up close!!!!



                    Balanced Hunter/Son           Black Lab        Cat Tails Under Falling Leaves  ---  New Close Up Iris' ---



 ***** These are new Custom Eagle/Flag Pieces *****



                              New Custom Cross                  Lighthouse                       ** New Pheasant Mailboxes **



** This is a New Sign Designed for Pheasant Ridge Housing Development in Des Moines **


(Please Click To See All The Details!)


New Beautiful Dozen Roses with close ups to each side.. Click each picture for stunning details..



                                                     **Sunflowers and Doves**                New Hummingbird Bird Feeder









******************** New Customer Pieces ********************


-------------------- Personal Piece For Arnie --------------------



******************** New Piece Of Art ********************



            **************************Security Gate****************************



   ******************************          Toilet Paper Holder          ****************************** 


 <<<<<<<<<<   Candy Corn Dish     >>>>>>>>>>


         <<<<<<<<<<     Custom Steel Light Fixture     >>>>>>>>>>


<<<<<<<<<< Original Turkey Metal Art >>>>>>>>>>


                                 3 Foot Ducks               Quail               3 Foot Ducks                       


           **********     Stars And Moon     **********


                                     ------------- Cove Molding ------------  Door Accent                           


          ***************** Flying Fairies *******************


                 --------- Garden Sculpture ---------           Great Blue Heron                 Cardinal



                  ******************* Bass Sculpture ********************


           ***** A Dozen Roses, over 200 hours of detailed work involved *****




                       ********** New Custom Wine Racks *********            Wine for Two




                       ********** New Bass Sculpture **********



                       ********** New Style Lighthouse **********



                              ***** Custom Metal Art Design; "COOKSHACK" *****


                                                                                        ***** Patio Drink Holder *****


                            *** "Poacher Cat" ***                      Custom Cross wrapped in a rose vine.


       Methodist Cross             Urn               Triple Cross


        God Bless America        Dalmation       Trust and Respect


         Grave Markers


                  (You should click to enlarge to see all the beautiful details)


                  Click on this Bad Boy !!! 



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